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“Oregano is a really popular herb in Greek and Mediterranean cuisines and a member of the mint family. It is native in the area of Mediterranean sea. It is mostly known as a spice, which improves and enhances the flavor of food. But it is also a treasure of health benefits and it can be used in many different remedies, as our grandmothers’ used to do. In the most common health benefits of oregano are included: the immune boost, the antibacterial activity and that detoxifies the body.

In Greece, the period that we collect the oregano depends on the location that has grown. It is usually harvested some months before or after June.
The word oregano comes from the Greek ορίγανον (origanon). This is a compound of όρος (oros), which means “mountain” and γάνος (ganos), which means brightness. So the meaning behind the name “Oregano” is the “brightness of the mountain”.


Bagatzounis Thanasis

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